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Nikkie from NJ

I am Nikki, a sexy desi girl from NJ. I grew up in Edison, a place full of desi people. My family moved here when I was two years old. Originaly, we are from ghaziabad, a town in UP near Delhi. Now, I rarely remember anything about that place. My father is in IT, so he got some assignment here in 80's and he never went back to India, good for us, I like the life here. I did my high school here in edison and met other indian girls. As per my experience, I don't see many indian boys here,females are more in number. Boys here are like dumbo types, books-books-books.. desi girls I like dance and acting, though my father never allowed me to take that as a profession. I started attending desi dance school when I was seven. I am perfect at bollywood dance and punjabi dance.I met many indian people in the dance school, again,no good looking desi boys. I participated in lots of cultural and regional programs, last year I got best solo dance award in my college. I like wearing indian cloths, they are so comfortable. Unfortunately, you can not wear desi cloths all the time. I do when I go to parties or festivals or some times at home. indian girls looks very pretty in indian cloths. Specially, native guys here like us. Many of my batch mates ask me every now n then to wear indian cloths. We are, in all, five desi girls in our batch. Two are okey types, and three are really sexy girls (including me :)). Currently, I am in third year MD sc , New York..bit boring now.. I take bus every day. Sometimes I meet other indians in the bus.. I tried talking once.. but you know we people are so closed ..we don't want to socialize at all. I love meeting new people always. I have one pakistani friend ..rest all are non-desi..She is from pakistan. Here it does not matter whether you are from pakistan or india, as long as you are desi, all can be friends. Our fooding and traditional habits match very well with Pakistani people. I love eating briyani and kabab..yummy..:) I went to india once, two years back..Delhi's night life is good. It's too hot in summer, will go in winters next time. I stayed there for 2 weeks. desi boys are hot there..so many desi people..loved the place.. Just dropping my profile here to meet other desi people .. could be any one ..desi boy or desi girl.. as long as you are cool.. hey do Vote for me if you think I am a sexy indian girl :)

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